Expert providers of Professional Cleaning, Restoration and Surface Protection services throughout the UK

Prestige is the South-Wests market leader in providing Specialist Cleaning, Restoration, Surface Protection and Facility Services across all Industrial and Commercial Sectors.

We have heavily invested in extensive training and specialist equipment to combat the most challenging of environments including fragile roofs, ATEX rated, high level and Asbestos. We provide nationwide coverage for all our specialist cleaning and high access work, industries include Waste Management, Food Production, Facilities Management, Sport Grounds, Shopping Centres. 

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Why Choose us?

  • Conscientious
    Each project is individual to us and tailored to your needs, delivered on time, on budget giving you cost-effective cleaning
  • Trustworthy
    We work completely transparently, nothing is hidden. Where possible we will provide photographic evidence of our work.
  • Excellence
    You benefit from the latest methods, best advice, and best practices from fully trained professional cleaning operatives
  • Experience counts
    Your cleaning project will be completed faster and more efficiently
  • Quality
    Close supervision, ensures that high standards are maintained at all times
  • Results
    We are as meticulous as you about cleaning and will deliver results that have a positive impact on your business.

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