St. Mellion International Resort Tennis Court Restoration

Services used:

  • Pressure Wash
  • Moss Removing Treatment

The Clients Requirements

For a few years this tennis court was unused and over time a carpet of moss had grown over the top of it and rooted down deep into the tennis court matting. Our client wanted the surface of the court restored for a busy summer season. 

The Solution

We examined the area and decided on which of our restoration methods we would use to remove the debris. For this particular court, we used our specialist moss removing treatment and high pressure systems to tackle the moss growth effectively and with minimal disruption to the occupied lodges that are located close to the courts.

Very quickly results were proving phenomenal, underneath the blanket of detritus was a beautiful bright green tennis court that had been hidden from sight.

We gave this court a new lease of life, ready for the beginning of the tennis season. We now provide a maintenance programme and we re-visit each year to ensure that the surface is clean and protected.  

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