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DOFF Steam Cleaning

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A high-temperature, low-pressure steam cleaning system that eliminates stains and dirt with no surface damage.

As an environmentally friendly, fast, and highly effective method of removing indelible stains and dirt from internal and external surfaces, the specialist DOFF steam cleaning system is second to none.

By rapidly heating water to a temperature of up to 150ºC, low-pressure water vapour is released through the nozzle end to blast through persistent stains, built-up dirt and grime, organic matter (algae, moss, or bird fouling), and even chewing gum, bitumen, and graffiti – all without thermal shock or causing any surface damage.

Safe on surfaces – inside and out

Talking of surfaces, this gentle yet powerful steam-cleaning system is ready to use safely on a wide range of different external surfaces like wood, terracotta, tiles, brick, concrete, and stone – including delicate heritage buildings and monuments during any restoration or renovation process. And thanks to its superheated steam, it can also be used as a hygiene and sanitising system in many indoor surface applications, including hospitals, kitchens, toilets, and swimming pools.

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No chemicals required

Because DOFF steam-cleaning is entirely water-based, the system only uses superheated steam with zero chemicals in its cleaning process. And with no harsh chemicals, added chemical biocides, or detergents, it means an all-natural, environmentally-friendly cleaning method that leaves any surface clean and dry within minutes, preventing any damage from trapped moisture or thermal shock.

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DOFF steam cleaning specialists

As DOFF steam cleaning specialists, Prestige Professional can deliver the ultimate steam cleaning experience – whatever your needs. As Stonehealth rosette-approved contractors, we have a team of highly skilled and experienced technicians using the latest DOFF technology to clean and restore the most challenging or delicate surfaces to strict guidelines for maximum safety and compliance.

And each team member is IPAF-trained to work at height, using mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs), truck-mounted cherry pickers, and specialist access decks. So Prestige Professional can offer superior high and fragile access cleaning without scaffolding.

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  • Moss, algae, lichens, fungus, and other biological and organic matter
  • Various paint types
  • Wax-based coatings
  • Bitumen and tar
  • Oil and grease
  • Graffiti, stencilling, posters, and stickers
  • Bird fouling and animal mess
  • Chewing gum build-up


  • Brick, stone, and concrete
  • Wood, tiles, ceramics, and terracotta
  • Metal and commercial cladding
  • Maritime shipping and cargo vessel holds


  • Historical buildings, statues, and monuments
  • Delicate stonework and masonry
  • Building restoration work
  • Hospitals
  • Swimming pools
  • Kitchens

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    DOFF steam cleaning FAQs

    What is DOFF cleaning? Down Arrow

    DOFF cleaning is a highly effective steam cleaning process that uses high-temperature water vapour to clean different internal or external surfaces, primarily brick, concrete, and delicate stonework.

    How much is DOFF cleaning? Down Arrow

    This will depend on several details. We’ll assess the size and condition of the surface, look into conservation or accessibility issues, the number of technicians needed, and other factors to provide a detailed breakdown and a final cost.

    Is DOFF steam cleaning better than power washing? Down Arrow

    Yes. DOFF steam cleaning uses low-pressure superheated water vapour rather than high-pressure water, which minimises surface damage, even on delicate or fragile surfaces, yet can remove the toughest stains quickly and efficiently.

    What can DOFF steam cleaning remove? Down Arrow

    DOFF steam cleaning is highly effective at removing a wide range of paint, graffiti, bird and animal mess, biological matter such as moss, algae, and fungus, wax, chewing gum, tar, bitumen, oil, grease, and general dirt and grime, all without causing damage to the surface.

    Can DOFF steam cleaning cause damage to surfaces? Down Arrow

    No. DOFF steam cleaning uses high-temperature, low-pressure water vapour to remove stains and dirt effectively, leaving a clean surface that dries quickly without causing any damage.

    Is DOFF steam cleaning hygienic? Down Arrow

    Yes. With its powerful steam cleaning properties, the DOFF cleaning system can reach temperatures of up to 150ºC to clean and sanitise all surfaces in specialist areas like hospitals, kitchens, toilets, or swimming pools, leaving them fully hygienic.

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