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Maritime Hold Cleaning

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An eco-friendly, fully compliant power cleaning service that clears dirt, debris, and residue safely and effectively.

Cargo hold standards matter, and the correct preparation and hold cleaning are vital to avoiding different claim types, costs, and delays for maritime bulk vessels.

With properly trained and qualified technicians working at height using specialist equipment, including compliant cleaning chemicals (if required and appropriate for the next cargo load) and high-pressure power washing kit, our eco-friendly and compliant hold cleaning services guarantee the effective removal of loose dirt and debris and any residue or odour left from previous cargo, leaving them at the required standard of cleanliness every time.

Maritime Hold Cleaning power washing

Why is maritime hold cleaning important?

Maritime hold cleaning is vitally important for different reasons. Not only is it a critical aspect of ensuring the safe transport of goods, but it complies with international regulations and helps to ensure the health and safety of crew members and other workers involved in the shipping process.

Shipping holds can suffer cargo spills or leaks during transport. After the cargo’s removal, ineffective cleaning can leave behind residues and contaminants, risking future cargo contamination and potentially leading to rejected shipments and costly compensation claims. Any residues and contaminants can also cause damage to hold surfaces, potentially causing corrosion to the ship’s hull.

Non-compliance with specialist cleaning regulations can also be expensive. If holds don’t comply with the required standard of cleanliness, port authorities can hold cargo vessels until secondary cleaning is complete and inspected, causing delays and charter party disputes. There’s even a potential risk of off-hire, where the shipping company is liable for delay costs.

It’s also possible that a failure to clean cargo holds properly could cover up potential new damage to the hold, leading to claims in the future.

What are the hold cleaning grades of cleanliness?

The level and standard of hold cleaning can differ depending on the type of cargo being transported and the relevant compliance regulations. Prestige Professional can tackle maritime holds of all sizes to carry out the critical hold cleanliness grades required, including:

The highest level of hold cleanliness requires total hold wash, drying, and ventilation to remove all residue, odours, and contaminants. Internal surfaces must also have fully intact paintwork with no flaking. All ladders, pipework, tank tops, and hatch undersides must also undergo a complete cleaning process.

The most common level of cleanliness required for cargo holds. The same cleaning, drying and ventilation process as a Hospital clean, but without including ladders, pipework, tank tops, and hatch undersides.

If no specific compliance instructions are needed, a Normal clean is usually required when similar cargoes are carried. This cleaning will include removing all residues, a double sweep to remove dirt and debris, washing with salt water, rinsing with fresh water, and drying.

Maritime hold cleaning specialists

For all Hospital, Grain, and Normal maritime hold cleaning, there’s no one better equipped for the job than Prestige Professional. As a team of experienced specialists who know the ins and outs of cleaning and maintaining cargo holds for ships of all sizes, we know what it takes to meet each client’s cleaning and compliance requirements.

Whether working alone or collaboratively alongside marine riding teams, our cleaning technicians are trained and qualified to work at height for all hard-to-reach areas and handle hazardous materials. From short-time hold cleaning and preparation to routine maintenance cleaning with no residue, contaminants, or odours left behind, our Prestige Professional technicians come fully prepared.

With protective gear and state-of-the-art equipment, we’re ready to tackle holds of any size, take all the necessary steps to meet specific objectives, and achieve the required cleanliness level safely and effectively.

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