Kitchen Extraction System Cleaning Example
Kitchen Extraction System Cleaning Example
Kitchen Extraction System Cleaning Example
Kitchen Extraction System Cleaning Example

Kitchen Extraction System Cleaning & B&ES TR19 Certification

A staggering 25% of accidental fires in commercial buildings are caused due to poorly maintained extraction systems. Read why our Kitchen Extraction System Cleaning & B&ES TR19 Certification service is the right one for your business.

Do you have access panels in your ductwork?

If there are no access panels in your system, it has never been cleaned professionally.We can supply and fit access panels to your system to enable proper access for a full system clean to fulfil the B&ES TR19 standard.

This standard also indicates a recommended frequency of cleaning dependant upon the number of hours per day the kitchen is operational and what type of food you are cooking.

A full Report with our Kitchen Extraction System Cleaning & B&ES TR19 Certification

Once the cleaning has been carried out, we will issue you with a full report including photographic evidence and B&ES TR19 certification to verify compliance with Health & Safety obligations & Insurance requirements.

Apart from hygiene and continued business considerations there are potential legal implications to consider. If for example fire investigators found that there were no access doors in the ductwork, making it impossible to clean, then the building owner could be guilty of negligence and face prosecution under the Health & Safety (Offences) Act 2009.

With us on board your system won’t fail and your fan will not burn out due to poor maintenance.

We have seen so many cases where poorly maintained systems have shut down due to a burned out fan motor.

This usually happens during your busiest period which in turn will cost you money. Having a system that’s properly maintained, the fan will be cleaned leaving you without the worry of an uneccessary system breakdown.

Are your staff complaining with headaches or fatigue?

It is more than likely that your extraction system is underperforming.

the most common reason is that it requires a proper clean to reduce air resistance and increase fan efficiency.

This will result in smoother air flow and far better extraction. Cooling your kitchen down and removing nasty fumes that are causing your staff to fatigue.

Happy fan, happy staff and happy customers. Problems solved!

WHY CHOOSE Prestige Professional to look after your Kitchen Extraction System Cleaning & B&ES TR19 Certification?

    • We will service your full extraction system
    • Our service is completely transparent.
    • We will take photos of your system with an identification board so you know it is your ducting in the photo and you know that the photos correlate with the date that we carried out the service.
    • There is no stone un-turned
    • Get a spare fan locked and loaded for emergencies so we can come and fit it for you when you urgently need it.
    • Sleep tight! You will not have to worry about fires due to poor extraction system maintenance.
    • We offer fan replacements, system upgrades and full system renewals.
    • Prestige supply and fit access doors/panels to enable full cleaning of your system.
    •  Fit quick release plugs on the fan units to enable us to safely remove your fan unit on every service without the cost of an electrician to assist every time.


You will also be displaying due diligence with the following regulations

  • Health & Safety at Work Act 1974
  • The Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations 1992
  • The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005
  • B&ES TR/19 – Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems