CTE 21JH for hire with experienced IPAF operator

Hire our ZED 21 JH truck mounted cherry picker. This machine provides a 21 m working height with very innovative features that are truly unique.

The double pantograph, plus telescoping boom and jib allows the operator to reach a staggering 70ft / 20.7 m working height with a 10 m outreach whilst maintaining a small footprint.

This means that anyone can work on the road, less than 3 m in width, without any way impairing the safety and the performance. This lets you use this machine to its full capacity and in a range of varied applications.


Roof Work

Chimney Maintenance

Tree Work

Electrical Work


Commercial Buildings

High Level Cleaning

We have a team of experienced IPAF operators that will drive and operate the machine, and are able to lend a hand in the work being carried out or in most cases we are able to provide the full service should you need it. To find out more about our Specialist Access services click here