St.Mellion International Project

Services used:

  • Render Cleaning
  • Pressure Wash

The Clients Requirements

St.Mellion International Resort is a 4* golf and leisure club situated in a beautiful rural environment in the South west of England.The pure air and often damp conditions provide the ultimate habitat for Algaes and Lichen to grow and breed. St.Mellion is rendered with Sto-Rend, this is an on painted colour render.Green, red and black algae tends to form heavily on this type of render. Pourous renders such as Sto-Rend and K-Rend require a delicate approach as to not disturb or damage the render.

Several companies had already quoted for cleaning and repainting the Sto-render surface. Their test cleans with other methods were completely unsuccessful and were unsuitable for delicate render cleaning applications.

Power washing this type of building would be to forceful therefore we use the soft wash system.

The Solution

We carried out a trial clean to illustrate the results that can be achieved with our cleaning process. We proposed the results that we can obtain and that we would be able to carry out the work on all the high level areas without the use of scaffolding using only our specialist high level cleaning equipment. We then built a system of work around the complex timings and needs of this busy country club without any disruption to the business.

St.Mellion were looking to spend thousands on painting the building to remove this unsightly problem, when we stepped in to offer them a cost effective solution in a greatly reduced time frame, minimising disruption of the business by eliminating the scaffolding or ladders as we are able to work from ground level using our specialist equipment in a sectional programme.

As you can see from the before and after images above,this treatment to the building had phenominal results, the render was left clean and clear from the unsightly green, red and black alae that had built up on the facades and gives a brighter appearance to the building.

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From the client

Prestige Professional Cleaning came to my home and cleaned my exterior walls, patio's, garden furniture and statue.

I was very impressed by how they conducted themselves. Very professional. they had impressive equipment and the job looked fantastic when finished. The house looked like it had a fresh coat of paint and my patio areas looked like new as did the garden statue that was covered in red algae (now cream). My table and chairs were cleaned and oiled (glad i didn't get new one's), absolutely fabulous! I have now booked to have my block paved driveway and path cleaned and sealed. look forward to it.

Thank you Prestige.

Mr F Barrett