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External Facade & Surface Cleaning Experts

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As an efficient and highly effective method of removing organic stains and dirt from your building’s exterior façade and surfaces, soft washing, power washing, and steam cleaning guarantee a brilliant finish.

A mix of soft washing, power washing, and steam cleaning for the broadest range of building surface materials means external façade cleaning can give you a surface-friendly way to deal with all organic contaminants (algae, moss, or bird fouling), built-up dirt, weathering, grime, and staining, and chewing gum or graffiti, with no surface damage.

Power washing for hard surfaces

Using a powerful pressure washing system can get rid of dirt, grime, stains, and contaminants for a super clean finish. More than capable of safely and effectively cutting through any build-up on a wide range of different external surfaces, including brick, stone, concrete, wood, aggregate, plastic, glass, metal, and commercial cladding, power washing façade cleaning can be used on just about any domestic, commercial, industrial, or retail building at any time.

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Soft washing for rendered surfaces

While tough on weather protection, many types of building render are too fragile for power or pressure washing. Rendered surfaces can be easily damaged or broken, and power washing can result in a render that needs repair. But a gentler, no less effective, surface cleaning option is available for any painted or unpainted render your building has.

Using a soft washing system, all types of delicate render, including all-through colour render brands such as K-Rend, Sto-Rend, Mapei, Tyrolene, and Lyme, together with other render types including spar dash, pebble dash, painted sand cement, and alpine finish, can now be cleaned, protected, and restored to their former glory.

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Prestige recently cleaned our gutters for our business, a two-storey warehouse. Despite some difficulties with access, they overcame this and did a good job. The communication was excellent.

Kim Kersting

Steam cleaning for historic surfaces

And for the conservation of any historical building, statue, or monument with old and delicate stonework, woodwork, or masonry, DOFF steam cleaning technology is the ideal cleaning method. While capable of cleaning general dirt and grime, weather staining, bird and animal mess, moss, algae, fungus, and air pollutants, the high-temperature, low-pressure water vapour leaves a clean surface that dries quickly and causes no surface damage.

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Chemical-free surface cleaning

Most building façade and surface cleaning is entirely cold water-based. Power washing systems rely on high water pressure and flow without any chemicals, while DOFF steam cleaning uses only low-pressure water vapour. And, without chemicals, biocides, or detergents, it provides a natural, eco-friendly cleaning method.

However, rendered surfaces may need a little help to get really clean. Due to their fragility, soft washing is the preferred option for removing dirt, grime, and stains effectively on rendered surfaces. Because soft washing doesn’t have the same high water pressure or flow, a specialist cleaning solution may help target more stubborn areas.

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External façade & surface cleaning specialists

As external façade and surface cleaning specialists, Prestige Professional can achieve the ultimate soft or power cleaning for your building’s exterior surfaces. With a team of highly skilled and experienced technicians using the latest cleaning technology and equipment and armed with specialist cleaning knowledge, we’ll deliver an unrivalled standard of cleaning, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Each team member is IPAF-trained to work at height and is experienced in using mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs), truck-mounted cherry pickers, and specialist access decks. This gives Prestige Professional the edge in offering superior high and fragile access cleaning without scaffolding to clean building surfaces and façades of any size.

  • Moss, algae, lichens, fungus, and other biological and organic matter
  • Various paint types
  • Pollution and weather stains
  • Graffiti, stencilling, posters, and stickers
  • Bird fouling and animal mess
  • Chewing gum build-up
  • General stains and dirt build-up
  • Brick, stone, and concrete
  • Delicate stonework and masonry
  • Wood, aggregate, and plastic
  • Metal and commercial cladding
  • Painted or unpainted render (soft wash)
  • Glass and block paving
  • Maritime shipping and cargo vessel holds

To ask our expert team your questions, or learn more about our specialist facade and surface cleaning services please get in touch.

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    Façade and surface cleaning FAQs

    What is façade and surface cleaning? Down Arrow

    It’s the process of soft or power washing to remove built-up dirt, grime, organic stains, or contaminants on any building exteriors without causing surface damage.

    How much is façade and surface cleaning? Down Arrow

    This will depend on different factors. We’ll assess the size, area, and condition of the surface to be cleaned, look into conservation or accessibility issues, the number of technicians needed, and other details to give you a detailed breakdown and a final cost.

    Is façade and surface cleaning the same as power washing? Down Arrow

    Yes and no. Prestige Professional use a mix of soft washing for more delicate surfaces, such as painted or unpainted render, and power washing for more durable surfaces. But each provides an excellent quality finish for different façade and surfaces.

    What can façade and surface cleaning remove? Down Arrow

    Soft and power wash cleaning are highly effective at removing a wide range of built-up dirt, grime, and stains, including paint, graffiti, bird mess, moss, algae, chewing gum, and contaminants, without causing damage to the surface.

    Can façade and surface cleaning cause damage to surfaces? Down Arrow

    Durable surfaces, including metal, wood, glass, brick, stone, and concrete, and more, won’t suffer damage from power wash facade cleaning.

    Can façade and surface cleaning be used on softer surfaces? Down Arrow

    Yes. Soft washing is preferable for added protection on rendered surfaces, while DOFF steam cleaning is advisable on delicate stonework, masonry, and building of historical interest.

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