Brick Cleaning Example
Brick Cleaning Example
Brick Cleaning Example

Brick and masonry cleaning in Devon and Cornwall - NATION WIDE

Brick Cleaning

Clean, tidy brickwork can create a big impact on the way your property looks, wether its new or old, its important that its kept in good shape.

There are many different types of brick and for each, require a varying type of brick cleaning method, therefore our team will ensure that they undertake a survey of the surface before choosing which of our specialist methods are appropriate for use. As well as the type of brick work it is important to consider the material or matter that needs to be removed from the surface, understanding all these factors will enable us to provide you with a service that not only gives you the best clean but in the safest and most effective way.

All of our specialist operatives are IPAF qualified and are able to work competently and safely on a broad spectrum of machines allowing them to provide cleaning work at any height and in most cases saving the expense of scaffolding.

Efflorescence is a salt deposit that forms on surfaces of masonry or concrete, these deposits appear white in colour and tends to increase after a rainy winter season.

This can be stubborn to remove and despite many costly products on the market little can completely remove this detritus without the use of appropriate machinery, high pressure may not always be the answer and can cause damage to the substrate if not approached with caution.

Our operatives have considerable skill and experience in the removal of Efflorescence from masonry and employ different cleaning methods to ensure a high standard of clean whilst protecting the surface.

We supply specialist restoration treatments that provide reliable and effective solutions to handle the effects of efflorescence, carbon, oxidisation, metallic staining and general soiling. From professional cleaning applications to protective coatings to prevent the recurrence of debris build up.  We have products to use on all masonry types and for interior or exterior cleaning