Stone Cleaning

As one of the oldest and most expensive of all the building materials, stone cleaning can be a very delicate matter and not all methods of cleaning are able to be used on every type of stone.

Stone can vary in texture and strength and requires experience when dealing with it to ensure that it is being treated with care whilst the contaminates are removed.

We have experience in removing:

  • Paint coatings (most oil and plastic types)
  • Most types of graffiti
  • Bird or vermin fouling
  • Organic Matter including variants of algae, moss, and fungi
  • Wax coatings
  • Chewing gum
  • Iron/Ferris (Rust)
  • Copper
  • Bitumen, Oil, Grease and many others, all without causing any damage or disfiguring the substrate

Our professional technicians will inspect and survey your project in the greatest of detail before deciding on the cleaning method that is appropriate for removing the specific classification of debris from stone work.

All of our specialist operatives are IPAF qualified and are able to work competently and safely on a broad spectrum of machines allowing them to provide cleaning work at any height.

Our cleaning methods are approved by English Heritage, RIBA and The Duchy of Cornwall and have been used to successfully clean some of the country’s most iconic buildings including
Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Oxford University, Tower of London, St James Palace, The Albert Memorial, Canterbury Cathedral, Cambridge University, Harrods, Paddington Station to name but a few.

We operate using some of the most advanced and trusted cleaning applications and techniques as well as our highly effective machinery to deeply cleanse even the toughest of staining and debris.